From: Aaron LeBauer 

Dear Physical Therapist, 

First of all, THANK YOU

Thank you for caring enough about your craft to create REAL IMPACT in this world - a world that has been left confused and broken by the lack of proper education about pain and injuries, one where over 2 million people have a substance use disorder involving prescription pain relievers over the last several years. 

Hi, my name is Aaron LeBauer - founder of LeBauer Consulting and owner of LeBauer Physical Therapy, a 100% cash practice in Greensboro, NC that I started right out of PT school. 

Over the last 20 years, since I graduated from massage therapy school, I’ve treated way too many patients who’ve been told you have the worst arthritis I’ve ever seen or you never squat/run/ride/again you have the knees of an 80 year old, I’m surprised you’re still walking or you’re shoulder is obliterated and more.... 

If that pisses you off, then join the club because...I’m on a mission to save 100 million people from unnecessary surgery and I can’t do it alone! 

Fortunately for me, I’ve been able to hone my craft, business skills, and survive in the industry as a cash practice for the last 10 years - but it hasn’t always been easy. 

I’ve had to find the proper business education, ensuring that I could create a successful cash-based physical therapy practice, even when all the other PT’s told me it was a bad idea, wouldn’t work or was unethical. 

It was the only way I felt I could keep things simple, have the live work balance I craved...... really get results for my patients.... ...and treat them in the way I thought best, without interference from insurance companies! 

You know, protect them from someone in working in a cubicle in the middle of Iowa, without a healthcare degree, who is dictating the treatment I provide them.I’ve had to fight the old school PT’s.... 

And yes, I almost went broke trying to get new patients :-(
If you’ve ever wanted me to personally teach you the same business building strategies that have produced hundreds of six-figure earning physical therapy practices then you have no excuse not to join my Inner Circle Coaching program because it really is a great deal!

Can you imagine how successful you would be with me in your corner?
Day In and Day Out, I Was Looking For Resources That Would... 
  • Help me with my website, traffic, and marketing
  • Help me find patients
  •  Help me keep the few patients I had
  •  Heck, I was even looking for places to make sure that the exercises I was giving my clients were correct
Sadly, the resources didn’t exist. All I found were business coaches that wanted to charge me $100k/year, or cheap eBooks that basically gave me zero help

All outside the healthcare industry


Thankfully, I have a relentless attitude and I never gave up. I learned the “secrets” and built the “network” needed to truly create a successful business.


Allow me to welcome you to the Inner Circle!!!

This is the first resource of its kind - the resource that I was searching for and hasn’t existed until NOW!

Upon joining, you will instantly be a part of the highest-powered network of Cash-Based Physical Therapists in the world...
Your Membership Includes...
  •  Monthly Action & Accountability Coaching Calls, your opportunity to get direct coaching from me
  •  Monthly Advanced Masterclass Trainings, where we dive deep into strategies, tactics and the mindset you need to get more new patients
  •  Access to ALL of my business resources like my documentation system, administrative systems, marketing templates, marketing funnels and more…
  •  Access to My Secret Facebook Community full of 100’s of Passionate Therapists Just Like You
  •  LIVE Q&A’s with me, and my team
  •  And perhaps the most valuable resource of all - DIRECT ACCESS TO ME AND MY TEAM to ensure that each and every business decision you make is the right one, or to help you with any problems you encounter along the way

Now I could get really hype-y and add up what each of these things would normally be worth (likely over 10k/month), but I’m just going to flat out tell you the price with a full understanding that you know you need this, and that it is massively underpriced (you’re welcome)

Your Inner Circle membership will only cost you $397/month, or a mere $99 per week and will pay for itself when we help you keep a patient all the way through their plan of care or add a new patient to your business.
Dr. Tugg Karbo
Get Locked In at $397 Before the Price Increases!
Dr. Avery Schroyer
Dr. J.T. Dulkerian

Dr. Richard Symister

"I am the owner of MovEvolution Physical Therapy and recently had my first consultation with Aaron LeBauer of LeBauer Consulting. I was already highly impressed with my 10 minute pre-meeting conversation. Aaron gave me lots of prep work to get me ready for our initial meeting. My consultation was filled with such great information, clearing so much of my confusion concerning in- vs. out-of-network insurance and obtaining and explaining physical therapy benefits in a clear and concise manner to my patients Contact Aaron LeBauer if you are considering or are in the midst of opening up a cash-based/out-of-network physical therapy practice. He will save you time, money and much aggravation. MovEvolution Physical Therapy highly recommend LeBauer Consulting to any physical therapist involved in a cash-based business.”Richard Symister, MSPTMovevolution
Join Now! 

So from one physical therapist to another, THANKS for creating IMPACT, and thanks for being AWESOME!

See you on the inside!


PS. When you invest in your business right now, I’m going to throw in some amazing bonuses, including:
My “Do You Take My Insurance?” Training & Call Script
The CashPT Toolkit – over 30 done-for-you documents
My Raising Your Rates Training – increase your income by a minimum of $6,000!

The CashPT Blueprint, my 10 week online training program that has helped hundreds of PT’s become successful cash-based physical therapy practice owners.

This is an amazing deal!

And these bonuses are only available right now, so let’s get started!!!
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