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Good Things Are Happening At LeBauer Physical Therapy
Gulya, 42 Greensboro, NC
Last Saturday I ran my seventh race this year. I’ve been awarded in each those races as a top female runner in my age category and twice I’ve been a top female overall.

I am Ballroom dance instructor. I am mostly on my feet through the day and we always have events when I am a very active dancer.

I ran and I danced with full speed and with all my heart and INJURY FREE for a year!!!

And for that awesome year I have to Thank to my Physical Therapist at LeBauer Physical Therapy in Greensboro.
A year ago I started treatment at LeBauer Physical Therapy for my hip pain.

They not only found and treated the reason of my hip/knee problems but they changed my life by teaching me how to love and to take care my body.
Maia, 54 Greensboro, NC
When I first came to LeBauer PT I was in constant pain and getting desperate!. I had been working with another PT for three months and the shoulder problem that was keeping me off of my surfboard was only getting worse! With only a few months remaining before I was scheduled to lead a three week surf-centered course in Costa Rica, I took the advice of a trusted coworker and went to see a physical therapist at LeBauer Physical Therapy. 

During the first visit my therapist explained the basic principles of his approach and how the treatment would progress. In the ensuing weeks, as I followed his advice, I learned to think differently about my particular injury. The more attentive I was to my physical therapist, the better my outcomes. If that weren't enough to recommend them, the myofascial release techniques they used brought me much welcomed relief! 

I surfed every day of the three weeks in Costa Rica. Since then, I continue to strengthen on my own with Dr. LeBauer's voice in my head.
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