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Katie, 33, Greensboro

I came to see Aaron for pain and lack of range of motion in my back and various pains I get from falling when figure skating.

From the first visit, I felt a difference in my body. I had no idea how much tightness I had in my back, hips and glutes. He gave me homework to do and I was very consistent.

Aaron is always so patient with me and takes the time to explain to to properly do exercises/movements and what it should feel like. During most of our visits, I ask him so many questions, and he always has an answer or solution. He even takes the time to understand my physical needs for my figure skating hobby.

Since seeing him, all of the problems I came to him for are basically gone. I am sleeping so much better because I don’t wake up from having any pain.

Mary, 44 Greensboro, NC

When I began physical therapy with Aaron, I was experiencing lower back, hip and knee pain that was causing a decrease in my quality of life. Frequently I would get out of bed in the morning with lower back pain and I began to experience it almost constantly while driving or sitting for long periods. My attempts at “fixing it myself” by tweaking my yoga and exercise practices were not having lasting or consistent results.

Upon our initial consultation, he quickly diagnosed the source of my physical pain and he used myofascial release techniques that were very gentle, more like massage than what I imagined physical therapy to be.

I am now pain free and have a good understanding of how to remain that way in terms of my skeletal alignment and fascia release techniques I do at home. I recommend Aaron highly and without reservation.
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